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RD process


DI.V.A.L. provides a variety of PRECLINICAL SERVICES that enable our customers to characterize a lead in the Drug Discovery and Early Development setting, predict human toxicity and rapidly obtain reproducible data. Our approach reduces assay development time and cost of pharmaceutical research and development.


All our services meet state-of-the art international standards, also in compliance with the Good Laboratory Practice (G.L.P.)
Tipically, customers approach us with their challenging compounds and we advise them on the best methods suitable to their particular needs. However, we also provide routine services for early screening, lead optimization, development and dose finding studies.


Through the application of the techniques of genetic engineering, we are able to develop GENETICALLY MODIFIED MODELS, both transgenic, knock-out, knock-in.
Transgenic animal models are powerful for the study of a wide range of human diseases, from those of the nervous and cardiovascular system, to malignant tumors and immunohaematological diseases.


Constantly engaged in biomedical research and innovation, we can realize high-technological BIO-ENGINEREED PRODUCTS (nano-particles and nano-antibodies) through recombinant DNA techniques.