Cardiac Safety

  • hERG KV11.1 Test (ICH S7B)
    • Manual Patch Clamp

    • Automated Patch Clamp

  • hERG 1A/1B Test 

  • Cardiac Safety Profile (hERG, Nav1.5, Cav1.2, KvLQT1, Kir2.1)

in vitro toxicology

  • WST-1 Assay

  • Trypan Blue Exclusion Test

  • Apoptosis Annexin V-PI Flow Cytometry Assay

  • Apoptosis Tunel Assay

  • Agar diffusion test

  • Biomarkers

Drug delivery

  • Transcytosis

Cellular Assay Services

  • Soft Agar Colony formation Assay

  • Migration

  • Invasiveness

  • Cell Signaling Evaluation

  • Custom-Tailored Cellular Assay Services

in vitro Preclinical services

A broad range of in vitro services for screening, efficacy evaluation and preliminary assessement of safety of new drugs and formulations.

A key area of our expertise is represented by in vitro electrophysiology studies (Cardiac Safety and High throughput automated Patch Clamp).

Custom-tailored assay services can be designed by using our comprehensive experience in the field of cancer.


  • ELISA assays

  • Isolation and cell characterization

  • Cytokine and receptor analysis

  • Western blot

Molecular biology

  • PCR

  • DNA/RNA isolation, profiling and sequencing

  • Invasiveness

  • Gene expression

  • Biomarker discovery


  • Bacterial Reverse Mutation (Ames) Study (according to OECD 471 Guidelines)

  • Bacterial Reverse Mutation (Ames) Study (ASTM E1687-04)


  • Enzyme assay and immunochemistry

  • Drug potency/concentration

  • Protein production, purification and analysis

  • Immunohistochemistry

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