• Acute systemic toxicity

  • Subacute/subcronic/chronic toxicity

  • Toxicokinetics/metabolism

Custom models/services

in vivo preclinical services

We have a long term experience with in vivo studies, starting from the most common animal models, e.g. subcutaneous, intravenous and orthotopic to bioluminescence and fluorescence read-out models for testing the efficacy of novel therapeutic agents on primary tumors in animals. 


In addition to oncological models, custom-tailored study protocols covering a wide range of diseases can be designed.

Animal models

  • Xenograft tumor models (orthotropic, intravenous, subcutaneous)

  • Bone marrow tumor models

  • Metastatic tumor models

  • Syngenetic models

  • Non oncological disease models

  • Ophthalmology research models

in vivo laboratory support

  • Analytical chemistry

  • Clinical pathology

  • Histopathology

  • Surgical research

  • Microbiology

  • Micro-surgery 

  • Necropsy

Moreover, we can  provide a complete range of transgenic services such as generation of transgenic mice by pronuclear injection and gene targeting to produce knock-in and knock-out models, as well as end-point PCR genotyping analysis.

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