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Il  Team

The DI.V.A.L. TOSCANA’s team has been involved in oncological research as well as in ion-channels-related studies since more than twenty years.

Launched in partnership with the University of Florence, the company was founded in 2012 on the initiative of a group of university researchers.


The long-standing scientific and academic experience has led the team to have a great expertise in screening and analyzing pharmacological compounds, developing oncological models and producing and manipulating antibodies for research purposes.  

Focused on our customers' needs, we ensure an intensive collaboration for tailored solutions.

This is us

Serena Pillozzi

DSC_0120 OK_post production.JPG
Chief Executive Officer

PhD. in Oncologia Sperimentale e Clinica

- Specialist biologia molecolare

- Specialist test preclinici e regolatoria

Olivia Crociani

DSC_0186 OK bis_postproduction.JPG
Direttore Scientifico

PhD in Patologia Sperimentale

- Specialist biologia molecolare

- Esperta in oncologia

- Specialist produzione di anticorpi​

Laura Carraresi

DSC_0232 OK_post production.JPG
Specialist produzione anticorpi


Specializzazione in biochimica e chimica clinica -PhD in Fisiopatologia e patologia cellulare

 - Specialist produzione di anticorpi

 - Specialist modelli transgenici

Massimo D'Amico

DSC_0106 ok_post production.JPG
Direttore di laboratorio
Responsabile della sicurezza


PhD in Oncologia Sperimentale e Clinica


- Esperto in elettrofisiologia

Specialist cardiac safety


Matteo Stefanini

DSC_0207_01 OK_post production.JPG
Specialist modelli animali
Responsabile Commerciale


B.Sc. in Scienze Biologiche

- Specialist modelli chirurgici

- Specialist di imaging ottico

Barbara Brogelli

barbara dival 2_pp.jpg
Amministrazione & Servizio Clienti

B.Ec. in Economia aziendale

- Specialist amministrativa

- Responsabile servizio clienti

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