Optical Imaging

High quality services of fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging analysis


Development of customized either monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and engineered antibodies (scFV and diabodies)

Preclinical services

A wide range of preclinical services for drug discovery and drug delivery systems development

DI.V.A.L. TOSCANA is a contract research organization (CRO), based in Florence, Italy, offering a wide range of preclinical services for early drug discovery and preclinical development in Oncology and other human diseases.


In addition to well-established research services, our highly-qualified scientific team can design specific study setups for testing new drug candidates, in order to make our customers' drug development process faster and more predictive at affordable prices.

With over twenty years of experience in antibody production services, we are the right partner for tailor-made solutions to research projects of any size. 

Collaborative approach
Long-standing scientific experience
Knowledgeable and proactive insights

News & Events

DI.V.A.L. Toscana will attend the event "meet in Italy for life sciences-2019"

16-18 october



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