Optical imaging

Dynamic optical imaging system

We provide the opportunity to perform longitudinal studies of the same animal, minimizing experimental variability and number of animals per study.


The PhotonIMAGER™ is a modular system for the non-invasive detection, localization and quantification of dynamic optical signal from live animals.

A unique photon counting technology makes it extremely sensitive from the very start of image acquisition and enables the unparalleled kinetic recording of dynamic processes without the need for setting acquisition time, or pixel binning prior to imaging.​

DI.V.A.L. TOSCANA offers different kinds of imaging analysis, so you can adapt your choice to your needs.

Cancer research

Early detection of tumors

Metastasis detection

Signal kinetic informations

High throughput screening

in vivo ex vivo analysis

Production of stable transfected cell lines (bioluminescent/fluorescent) 

Probe Testing

Drug delivery systems characterization

Potential diagnostic tools test

Antibodies targeting


Luminescent and fluorescent imaging custom studies?

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