Preclinical services

Preclinical in-vitro and in-vivo services for screening and evaluation of new drugs and formulations

We adopt an integrated approach for the safety pharmacology assessment of cancer diseases, ranging from in vitro cell culture assays to in vivo models.

We provide a wide range of services, fully customizable, following our customer needs.

in vitro Services

in vitro toxicology                        

Molecular biology



Analytical chemistry

Genetic toxicology

Safety pharmacology

in vivo Services




Oncological models

Disease models

Custom animal models

Ion channels


Transfected cells

Manual patch clamp analysis

Cardiac safety ex vivo

High throughput automated patch clamp

The highest degree of ​control over fluidics for specialized ion channels assays. IonFlux is the only system where all cell recordings and liquid exchange are performed within the plate proper. Without the hindrance of liquid handlers, the system advances high throughput ion channel experiments by providing unique attributes that permit specialized assays, impossible or impractical using other asynchronous systems.

Complex ligand-gated assays, requiring serial exchange of solutions, can now be screened at the same speed and ease as voltage-gated assays. 

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