A brief history of our company

The DI.V.A.L. TOSCANA’s team has been involved in oncological research as well as in ion-channels-related studies since more than twenty years.

Launched in partnership with the University of Florence, the company was founded in 2012 on the initiative of a group of university researchers guided by Prof. Annarosa Arcangeli.


The long-standing scientific and academic experience has led the team to have a great expertise in screening and analyzing pharmacological compounds, developing oncological models and producing and manipulating antibodies for research purposes.  

Focused on our customers' needs, we ensure an intensive collaboration for tailored solutions.

About Us

Our expertise at the service of your research


Olivia Crociani, PhD, CEO

B.Sc., PhD in Experimental Pathology, Researcher of General Pathology at the University of Florence.

- Molecular biology specialist

- Oncology expert

- Antibody production specialist


Serena Pillozzi, PhD

B.Sc., PhD and Researcher in Experimental and Clinical Oncology.

- Specialist in the production of preclinical models of xenograft (orthotopic, bone marrow or subcutaneous)


Massimo D'Amico, PhD

B.Sc., PhD in Experimental and Clinical Oncology.

- Electrophysiology expert

- Cardiac safety and toxicological studies specialist


Laura Carraresi, PhD

B.Sc., Specialist in Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry, PhD in Physiopathology and Cellular Pathology.

- Antibody production specialist

- Transgenic models expert

- Genotoxicity services


Matteo Stefanini, B.Sc.

B.Sc. in Biological Sciences.

- Animal models specialist

- Expert in the production of orthotopic xenograft models

in vivo studies specialist


Nicoletta Rossi , B.Ec. 

Bachelor's degree in Business Economics.

- Administration and accounting specialist

- Customer Service


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